Best Bluetooth Speaker 2021: Top 10 Picks And Guide

Best Bluetooth Speaker 2021
Best Bluetooth Speaker 2021

Do you want to know which is the best Bluetooth speaker 2021? Here we analyze the best options available on the market today. In turn, we mention the most important aspects before purchasing the final option. That is why you will find the most complete information here.

How is it possible to improve a party or a gathering of people? Here, the answer is simple and it is by acquiring the best Bluetooth speaker 2021. Today there is a wide variety to choose from.

Among the best options, a Bluetooth speakerphone can offer you high sound quality, a wide range of range, and even smart functionality. Even more importantly, you can forget about the annoying wires of classic speakers.

Beyond that, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a definitive option. That’s why we’ve looked at the top 10 options available to you here. So, you’ll be able to discover what advantages you’ll get with each model.

The 10 Best Bluetooth Speaker 2021 Reviewed

Not all portable Bluetooth speakers available today are right for you. That’s why it’s really important to look at each of the following options. This way, you’ll avoid being disappointed with the wrong choice.

Additionally, you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on a good portable speaker either. Let’s take a look then at the best features and advantages you can get with each of these options. After that, you can start enjoying the most unforgettable and pleasant moments with your friends and family.

  1. Cambridge Sound Works – Bluetooth Speaker – Best Bluetooth speaker for the money

OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) - Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Louder Volume, Crystal Clear Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 100 Ft Wireless Range, Microphone, IPX5, Bluetooth Speakers by Cambridge Sound Works (Black)

One of the first options we can mention is this portable speaker that provides Bluetooth. In this case, you get a more than adequate sound level with clear treble and reinforced bass.

Here we can notice a triangular structure that allows us to optimize the functionality of this sound device. Even the bass radiator is oriented downwards, which increases the sound quality.

In other words, this is one of the sound devices that can provide one of the best cost-benefit ratios. That’s why you will notice in this unit, an excellent volume level to better enjoy all kinds of songs. Here you will have a booster called Volume Booster of more than 10 watts.

In other words, here it is necessary to mention that the distortion when listening to any song sound is minimal. In the same way, it is important to consider that this is a third-generation sound device.

Thus, you will have one of the most appropriate uses beyond the specific environment you are in. So, this means the best sound experience in a room or an outside environment.

Also, you’ll have a connection range of up to 100 feet at all times. Even this excellent amount manages to outperform a large number of devices available on the market today. By taking into account the rest of its features, we can determine that this is a very affordable sound device.

Here, Bluetooth 4.2 has been introduced to offer faster, more stable connections with excellent range. You will have the ability to use this sound device, along with a wide variety of mobile devices.

Among the most popular devices are Echo Plus, Echo Dot 3rd generation, iPhone 6, 7, and 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy 8 and 9, iPad, among other mobile phones. In the same way, you also have the possibility of using this portable speaker with notebooks, fixed computers, and any other device that can be used with Bluetooth.

In turn, you will notice here that it is a completely waterproof unit. While it is not waterproof, it will be very easy to avoid damage from rain, shower, or splashing water. So it’s a great gift for both women and men.

This lightweight, portable unit provides up to 14 hours of battery life. Besides, the excellent connectivity includes a micro USB cable for recharging the battery. In short, it is one of the best entertainment devices you can count on everywhere.


  • Waterproof
  • Time of use up to 14 hours
  • Range up to 100 feet


  • I design something better talked about

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this option, as you will be able to get one of the best sound devices to connect your music everywhere.

  1. Ultimate Ears HyperBoom – Best Bluetooth speaker for the party

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable & Home Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Loud Speaker, Big Bass, Water resistant IPX4, 150 Ft Range – Black

Here is another implement that can provide excellent experiences for all users. It’s even a portable Bluetooth speakerphone with a truly fascinating design. Since it provides powerful bass and high-fidelity treble, it’s a great piece of equipment when there’s a party coming up.

You’ll have the ability to play all kinds of music from a variety of different devices. So this means having a Bluetooth connection and other additional connections. Use a notebook, smartphone, tablet, or any other device that has Bluetooth.

To do this you need to consider that this sound device can provide a usage time that reaches 24 hours. So no matter how long the party is, this speaker will still be working. It is also possible to use the equalizer to adapt the sound and get the best experience.

In this case, the intelligent equalizer can deliver the exact sound quality the user is looking for. That’s why even this Bluetooth speaker can outperform a large number of other brands’ speakers. Also, it is a 13-pound unit that can be used indoors or in an outdoor environment.

On top of that, the structure of this sound device manages to protect vulnerable components inside. So, splashing water will not do the slightest damage to this speaker. It’s a perfect feature to get you through the tough party atmosphere. So, the only concern here will be to clean the speaker and continue to enjoy the party.

Additionally, you can connect this sound device with other units of the same brand. When you manage to connect several Bluetooth Hiperboom speakers you will be increasing the power obtained in the music. That is why here it is necessary to mention that you will be able to enjoy a level of versatility that other portable speakers do not usually have.

On top of that, you can use USB charging to complete the battery recharge of this unit. In the same way, this portable speaker can be used as an external battery to recharge the power of your mobile phone. This is why it is a unit that is simply multifunctional.

You will have the ability to pause or choose other tracks from this Bluetooth speaker. It also has the buttons you need to set up a playlist and forget about it for the rest of the party. Therefore, this is a unit that is very easy to use by any user.


  • An intelligent and adaptive equalizer
  • Completely waterproof structure
  • Battery life up to 24 hours


  • Regular battery quality

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option, as it is one of the best tools to get your next party started.

  1. Tribit XSound Go – Best Bluetooth speaker for home

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker - Speakers Bluetooth Wireless with Rich Bass, IPX7 Waterproof, 12W Powerful Sound, 24H Playtime, Portable Speaker with Built-in Mic & 66 ft Bluetooth Range, Black

There is another unit that can be excellently adapted to the needs of anyone in the home. It is the best sound device you can have in your own home. The dual power controllers offer 6 watts and are combined with a high level of bass. However, this is a state-of-the-art sound device.

Also, you will notice that at a maximum sound level, distortion is minimal. Of course, this is important, as we all like to hear music in a high sound. It is also important to mention that you will get a sound device with excellent protection. The structure incorporated here manages to efficiently protect the internal components.

This is simply a mobile device that can withstand water splashes at all times. So it’s also ideal for using this portable speaker in the shower, on a beach, or near a pool. This feature manages to convince users not to worry all the time about their new speaker when it is near water.

Also, it is important to mention that it is an elegant design and comfortable to use at the same time. Without going any further, you will have the ability to use your new portable speaker in the palm of your hand.

In turn, the rounded design offers a soft and pleasant texture to the touch. So you can take your music on one hand and travel around your home enjoying the best experience.

In the same way, it’s a perfect opportunity to carry this sound unit in a bag or backpack. Weighing only 0.84 pounds, you won’t even notice you’re carrying a portable Bluetooth speaker. In this case, the possibilities for enjoying your music are more than ample. You’ll enjoy deep bass, crisp mid-range sounds, and truly crystal-clear highs.

Besides, it is necessary to mention here that a lithium-ion battery has been included for optimum performance. In other words, it is a high generation battery that outperforms other types of batteries.

That’s why here you can count on up to 24 hours of usage time on a single battery charge. So not only is it perfect for your home, but this portable speaker will come in handy on any trip.

Finally, Bluetooth 4.2 technology will provide you with a range of up to 66 feet. In the same vein, you’ll have a multi-function button for entering voice commands into Google Now or Siri. As we have said, the possibilities here are more than extensive, so it is worth purchasing this model.


  • Comfortable and elegant design
  • Completely waterproof
  • High-quality sound level


  • Range up to 66 feet

Why should you buy this product?

We recommend you to buy this option because you will have one of the best home entertainment tools.

  1. JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker – Best Bluetooth speaker for outdoors

JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Gray

In case you want to find one of the best outdoor speakers, this model is the ideal one. Just by looking at the design that has been included in this sound device, we can see the positive results. So this is one of the best units to use with you at all times.

First of all, you can use the clip to hang this sound device on your clothes. From there this unit will accompany you at any time. So if you want to go for a walk, a run, or just a stroll, your music will accompany you at all times. In turn, the sound level is one of high quality to enjoy all your music.

So this small portable speaker can provide you with huge, truly enjoyable experiences. In principle, this unit includes all the necessary buttons so that you can choose your music from this very device. This increases the comfort level, as you do not need to change your music from your mobile device, such as a smartphone.

On top of that, the whole structure is made of the best materials. In simple terms, this means that water splashes will not reach the components inside. This means that this is a portable speaker that is completely waterproof. So you don’t need to worry about rain or splashing water.

Moreover, it is possible to use different mobile devices to connect to this portable speaker. In this sense, the level of versatility is more than ample and fits the devices you already have today. Also, a high-function battery is included to give you the best experience.

In particular, this is a lithium-ion battery which, as mentioned, is a high-tech battery. Here the 1000 mAh capacity can provide up to about 10 hours of usage time. In the same way, this type of battery can provide a higher number of life cycles. This means a longer lifetime compared to other battery types.

Finally, this unit has echo and noise cancellation so that you can receive calls. You only need to touch one button to do this, and it’s very easy. The materials used in this mobile device are highly efficient and can withstand outdoor conditions. So investing in this entertainment tool today is highly recommended.


  • Excellent waterproofing of the unit
  • Lithium-ion battery with excellent functionality
  • Comfortable and efficient design for transport


  • Regular use time

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option, as it is one of the best tools when you are away from home.

  1. Tribit StormBox – Best Bluetooth speaker for Bass

Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker - 24W Portable Speaker, 360° Full Surround Sound, Enhanced Bass, Wireless Dual Pairing, IPX7 Waterproof, 20-Hour Playtime, 66ft Bluetooth Range Outdoor Speaker

In case you want to obtain an excellent bass level, this model may be the most appropriate for this purpose. It is a sound device that has won great popularity and even a prize in 2021. First of all, the design of this unit is nice and comfortable to use anywhere.

When you use this model, you will notice that the quality of the various aspects of your music will increase excellently. In short, it is a highly immersive 360° sound. So this will be useful for all the people around this speaker to enjoy the music equally. In the same way, the treble level provides excellent clarity.

On the other hand, both the mid-range sounds and the bass sounds provide an experience that is difficult to beat by other brands that are available today. Even the bass sounds are highly resonant against the wall and can provide superior entertainment at all times. That is why a large number of users today decide to opt for this mobile device for a large number of events.

In combination with the above, it is also necessary to add that you will have a button to enjoy the XBass technology. In particular, this technology allows you to further optimize the level of bass sounds of any song. So if you want to get the party started, you only need to sleep one button to do so. After that, you won’t have to worry about anything else with this model.

By this, we mean that the whole unit is completely waterproof. Even this Bluetooth speakerphone can withstand up to 30 minutes underwater. Also, it can withstand up to 3 feet of water. In other words, almost none of the models that are out there on the market can provide as much protection from water.

So, you also get safe and reliable use when it comes to a pool or beach environment. Both strong sun and seawater will not impair the functionality of this sound device. That’s why taking this excellent entertainment tool with you is a good option.

Finally, the high-tech lithium-ion battery provides a capacity of 2600 mAh. In this way, you can count on usage time of up to 20 hours at a time. So, a single full battery recharge will be more than enough for any use at any time. In other words, it’s a high-end sound unit that delivers some of the highest quality entertainment.


  • Time of use up to 20 hours
  • Supports 30 minutes in water and depth up to 3 feet
  • Excellent Bass quality


  • Regular range

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option, as it is one of the best tools for getting the deepest bass sounds.

  1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 – Best Bluetooth speaker for the beach

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 - Bermuda Blue

When it’s time to go to the beach, we recommend that you don’t forget this sound device. Here you will get high quality 360° surround sound. This will make it much more pleasant to enjoy the beach from the moment you arrive until you leave. Beyond that, these are not the only good features we can list for this model.

On the other hand, here it is easy to notice that the bass level is more than adaptable to your needs. This means that you will get the sound quality you want. Besides, both mid and high sounds offer a high level of clarity and quality. That’s why here, you get a completely formidable experience from the very first song.

At the same time, it is a unit that is highly portable. You’ll notice that the total weight of this portable speaker is only 425 grams. So enjoying the best music anywhere is no problem at all. On top of that, the materials used in this unit are highly durable. So this provides a long and adequate life span.

About this, it is also a unit that is completely waterproof as well as dustproof. So, you can use this sound device on the beach, as well as in other spaces where there is water. Although it is not a submersible device, splashes from the shower, the beach, or the pool will not damage this sound device.

On the other hand, the time of use provided by the battery reaches 13 hours of great performance. So that’s an excellent amount of time to enjoy a long stay at the beach. If you prefer, you can enjoy a bike ride through different natural landscapes with the best sound.

Additionally, this model has the possibility of being combined with another portable Bluetooth speaker from the same brand. When you do this, then you can duplicate the sound and enjoy a playlist in stereo sound. So the possibilities are more than extensive if you have one or two Wonderboom Bluetooth speakers.

Also, you’ll have a handy set of buttons to play or pause all your music very easily. So you don’t have to go to your smartphone every time you want to change, pause, or play your music. We should also mention that the level of versatility allows you to use this speaker with a large number of devices.


  • Good level of water and dust resistance
  • Time of use up to 13 hours
  • Highly portable and lightweight unit


  • Regular range

Why should you buy this product?

When it comes to going to the beach this sound device is one of the best that can provide you with the best experience. In particular, it is the best Bluetooth speaker 2021 under 100 according to some users.

  1. Bose SoundLink Micro – Best Bluetooth speaker for Boat

Bose SoundLink Micro, Portable Outdoor Speaker, (Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity), Midnight Blue

If you’re thinking you need a portable sound device for a boat, then here’s the solution. Even this device can provide a lot of uses, as it has the best features for a portable sound device. So, here we can mention that the balanced and clear sound will allow you to get the best experience at all times.

In turn, the bass sounds offer excellent quality, beyond the specific music you want to enjoy. So this is one of the best tools you can use on your boat, but also a beach, at a campsite, or simply outdoors. Also, other features have been included here that can provide more versatile use.

The excellent sound of the speaker is combined with a highly functional microphone. So, if you receive a call on your smartphone, you can answer it on this portable speaker. You’ll find that it’s easy to make all kinds of conferences or just calls.

It’s also easy to notice that the range gives you a distance of up to 30 feet. So this is more than enough to get excellent functionality on your boat. So once the call is over, you can continue to enjoy the best music and sound.

On top of that, this unit is completely waterproof. That’s why we’ve chosen this portable sound device as the best when boating. The entire structure can efficiently withstand water without any consequences. You will notice that the structure is also fully resistant to scratches, cracks, dents, and some shocks.

Additionally, we should mention that the total weight of this unit is 0.64 pounds. It is simply one of the most versatile and lightweight options you will find available today. So it’s an excellent choice for placing this sound device in your refrigerator, in any space on your boat or in your home, in a backpack or hanging on your clothes.

Since it has the possibility of answering calls, you can also enter voice commands. Besides, it is also necessary to indicate that the time of use provided by this unit manages to reach up to 6 hours. Therefore, your entire boat trip will provide a different, innovative, and pleasant experience.


  • Highly shock and water-resistant structure
  • Includes microphone to answer calls
  • Balanced, clear, high-quality sounds


  • Only 6 hours of use time

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option, as it is one of the best tools your boat can have for more enjoyable trips.

  1. JBL Flip 5 – Best Bluetooth speaker for golf cart

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bundle with divvi! Protective Hardshell Case - Black

One of the devices that provides a very elegant design in combination with excellent features is this portable speaker. It is even one of the most suitable options when you need extra sound in your golf cart. First of all, it is important to mention that this sound device does not come alone. Here you have an additional case for much more convenient transportation.

Additionally, this carrying case can more conveniently protect your new Bluetooth speaker. So, this is an excellent way to properly store this new device. Also, the entire frame is made of high-quality materials. This is why it is a highly durable and long-lasting portable speaker.

One of the most important aspects is that these models give you the possibility to pair with each other. So, if you buy two Bluetooth speakers from this particular model, you can get a doubly pleasant experience. In turn, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy music in stereo. It’s one of the best options for getting the party started anywhere.

You won’t have to worry about splashing water that can happen at any time, either. The entire structure of this sound device is completely waterproof. Beyond that, of course, it is not recommended to put this device in a pool of water. Although it is not waterproof, splashes such as rain will not affect the functionality of this unit.

Regarding the battery, a 17.28 Wh lithium-ion polymer battery is included. So, you can get a usage time that can be up to 12 hours. So this is more than enough time to enjoy a game of golf, a walk, a party, or other situations.

Additionally, it is necessary to mention that the sound quality is one of the most suitable for a portable device. So, you will notice that the clear and crisp sound will be able to optimize every experience lived in any place. Also, both high and low sounds provide great performance. So, in short, it’s one of the most worthwhile sound devices you can buy.

Finally, we can add that the intelligent design of this Bluetooth speaker offers a good level of comfort. On the one hand, the rounded design allows you to carry it in your hand and enjoy the best sound while walking. On the other hand, it is also a compact and comfortable design to carry in a backpack or a bag, so you can enjoy the best music.


  • Waterproof and resistant structure
  • Includes velvet carrying case
  • Can be linked with another JBL portable speaker


  • Regular battery life

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option because you will get a high level of functionality in your next golf games. Some users claim that it is the best Bluetooth speaker in 2021 under 200.

  1. Bose Portable Smart Speaker – Best Bluetooth speaker for iPhone

Bose Portable Smart Speaker — with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black

When we continue to investigate the good options that are available today, this sound device can convince more than one user. Here it is necessary to mention that it is the best option to use with the iPhone. In simple words, this is because this portable speaker has an excellent level of intelligence.

So here you will be getting an excellent sound tool, but also a device that supports voice control. In turn, you will be able to use this portable speaker to connect with Alexa. In this way, you will be able to access a lot of features and functions from your Bluetooth speaker.

So it’s an excellent tool that will accompany you throughout your home. If you prefer, you can also use this unit in other outdoor locations. To enhance the portable use of this sound device a handle has been added on top. This portable speaker can accompany you anywhere.

With a total weight of approximately 2 pounds, this unit is one of the most comfortable to use and carry around all day. In turn, you can hang it on your clothes as you walk around the house. Beyond that, the sound level that can be obtained in each song manages to surpass a great number of competitors.

In this case, you can enjoy a deep, clear, and deep sound with a 360° surround effect. So no matter where you are, you’ll be able to enjoy the clearest highs and deepest lows. Also, the entire structure can provide one of the best levels of strength and durability. This is why the life of this device is longer than other available options.

It is also necessary to add that it is possible to obtain a usage time of up to 12 hours with a full battery charge. So, in other words, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of this sound device. Whether it is water or shock, these factors will not affect the integrity of the portable speaker.

Additionally, you can use this electronic device as a portable speaker or as a voice command center. You must have a wi-fi connection to enter voice commands. In doing so, you must connect this sound device to a smartphone or tablet.

In other words, the level of versatility of this smart Bluetooth speakerphone gives you the ability to access a host of really useful functions and features. That’s why it’s worth acquiring this complete entertainment tool.


  • Time of use up to 12 hours
  • Highly shock and water-resistant structure
  • 360° surround sound effect


  • Intermediate-range

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider purchasing this option, as you will get one of the best tools you can have in your home for entertainment.

  1. Bose SoundLink Color – Best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II - Soft Black

Last but not least, many users want to get a sound device to enjoy movies outdoors. That is why for them, we can describe this speaker with a practical design and comfortable to use. Here, you will notice that the speaker is positioned in one direction to more conveniently enjoy any movie.

At the same time, the portable and compact design is extremely practical. So it is important to consider here that this unit of only 1.2 pounds is more than enough to get the best experiences.

The high sound level, as well as the bass sounds, are more than excellent. Even you will notice that with a high sound volume, the distortion should not be suffered at any time.

On top of that, this unit is completely waterproof. This means you can still enjoy any movie, even if it’s raining. Although it is not a submersible device, you will be able to count on a waterproof and shock-resistant structure.

Also, a microphone has been incorporated here that complements the functionality of the speaker. In other words, you will be able to take calls or hold conferences at any time. By doing this you will be able to enjoy more than convenient sound quality on every call.

Besides, the 30-foot range gives you enough functionality for high-quality calls. Also, the entire frame is made of a soft silicone layer to optimize comfort to the touch. Although it is very comfortable and easy to carry the device, the level of resistance is high.

Moreover, once you pair this device with your smartphone, you can access other functions. For example, voice command input is available here to extend functionality. In the same way, you will be able to pair this portable Bluetooth speakerphone with a large number of smart devices. Therefore, it is not an option that can only be used with smartphones.

Another important aspect is the lithium-ion battery that has been included in this model. As we have already mentioned, the lithium-ion battery is one of the best options for any type of electronic device. That’s why here you will get a usage time that goes up to 8 hours. Once this time is up, you can use the USB connection to fully recharge the battery power.

When you plan to have a party you can count on 2 Bluetooth speakers of this same model. Once you do this you can pair these two speakers with each other to enjoy the best stereo music. So the possibilities are more than wide open.


  • High-quality lithium-ion battery
  • Comfortable and attractive design
  • High level of water resistance


  • Range of only 30 feet

Why should you buy this product?

You should consider buying this option, as it is one of the best tools for enjoying movies outdoors.

7 Important Things You Should Have A Look when Buying A Perfect Bluetooth Speaker in 2021

Before choosing any of the options we have analyzed, you should consider some important aspects. Not all Bluetooth speakers can give you the same advantages or features. So, to make the best decision, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Audio Quality

In this case, we can mention that audio quality is the most important aspect of a portable speaker. On the one hand, the audio quality can be determined from the clarity of the high-pitched sounds. Also, the depth of the bass sounds is the second most important aspect to be determined.

It is also possible to have certain sound effects that enhance quality. One of these is the 360° surround sound of some models. Here it is possible to obtain a speaker that disperses the sound in all directions. So it can be very useful when it comes to a large number of people enjoying music.

Finally, more affordable options can offer additional equalization or bass sounds. Either of these can be very useful when it comes to a party. Beyond that, they could be secondary options when the portable speaker will be used in a home or on a walk.

  • Bluetooth of WiFi, or Both?

Today it is possible to find portable Bluetooth speakers with WiFi or both connections. In particular, this feature gives you the ability to connect to different devices. In particular, the Wi-Fi connection allows you to transform this portable speaker into a smart speaker.

This allows you to access Alexa and a host of voice commands or Internet information. On the other hand, the Bluetooth connection is useful when enjoying all kinds of music or audiovisual content. With which you should acquire the option that best suits your needs.

Of course, to obtain a wider functionality it is advisable to have both connections. However, it is important to consider that to acquire this option you will need a larger budget. Besides, the level of functionality and versatility is much wider than the other two options.

  • Signal Strength

The range of the signal can give you a certain level of versatility in use. In particular, this feature will be more or less useful depending on the specific use you wish to obtain. So, when it comes to a party, a long-range may not be as useful. In other words, if you want to keep your portable speaker in one place, you won’t need much range.

Here you can find some speakers that provide range from 30 feet away. Also, the best speakers that are available can achieve a range of up to about 100 feet. So, if you’re at the beach or in a pool, a great range could be important. Beyond that, you should have the range you need.

  • Inputs and Outputs

In this case, the inputs and outputs could be a secondary aspect if you do not use them. One of the most common collections in this regard is the USB connection. The vast majority of portable speaker models include a USB input for recharging battery power. Some other similar and additional input might be included for recharging the battery as well.

On the other hand, there may be some models of Bluetooth speakers that offer the possibility of connecting your device with a notebook. Beyond that, this is not a widely used feature, since the most important thing is the Bluetooth connection. Here, the best models include Bluetooth 4.2.

Finally, some of the models we have analyzed can be paired between two identical speakers. By doing this, the user can enjoy all kinds of music in stereo sound. So, this is convenient in a meeting with a considerable number of people.

  • Voice Recognition and Remote Control

About the remote control, some portable speakers can be used in combination with a smartphone application. Portable WiFi speakers can be transformed into smart speakers. Together, these features provide the ability to enter voice commands from the same sound device.

Also, all the models we have reviewed include a set of useful buttons. This provides a greater level of convenience when selecting music. This means you don’t need to call your smartphone to use any of the speakerphone features.

In conclusion, the most convenient models in this respect are those that can be used as portable speakers or as smart speakers. In this way, you will have the possibility to access a wide range of different functions.

  • Durability

Another really important aspect of a portable speaker is the level of durability and strength. As with any other electronic device, this aspect will indicate the total life that can be achieved. So, the more rugged an electronic device is, the better it will stand over time.

Another important aspect is the level of waterproofing of a portable speaker. Here most of the options we have analyzed and listed are completely waterproof. Even just a few of them can be immersed in water up to a few feet deep.

Additionally, resistance against shock and dust can be an additional level of protection. So you get a durable entertainment tool. On the contrary, when you don’t consider the durability of a portable speaker, the life span could be drastically shortened.

  • The Budget

Here the last aspect to consider is the budget you need to acquire some of the options we have analyzed. On the one hand, you can find a lot of affordable sound devices for less than $100. Some of them can even offer good results and require less than $50.

Beyond that, of course, you won’t get the highest functionality for this money. However, it doesn’t take much of a budget to get the best portable speaker either. So, if you have more than $100 you can perfectly optimize any party or gathering of friends.

Finally, there are also some Bluetooth speakers for over $200. In this case, you will get the maximum functionality and versatility to meet any of your needs.

FAQ´s (The Frequently Ask Questions)

  • Is JBL better than Bose?

In this case, we can mention that JBL offers better sound quality than Bose. Beyond that, Bose portable speakers may offer some additional useful features, such as the inclusion of a microphone.

  • Is it worth buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Here we can mention that it is worth buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can get versatile functionality without the need for cables. At the same time, the sound quality is more than adequate.

  • What’s a good wattage for a Bluetooth speaker?

Generally, a good amount of wattage for a portable speaker is about 50 or 60 watts or more. In turn, as the amount of watts increases, the total usage time may decrease.

  • Which brand speaker is best?

Here we can mention that the JBL brand can provide the highest quality of sound. Beyond that, other brands can provide additional useful features.

  • Why JBL speakers are costly?

In particular, these speakers are often expensive because they can provide superior sound quality. Even this can be noticed when you compare this sound level with other brands.

  • Is Bose made in China?

Most Bose products are made in the USA. Besides, certain Bose products are also made in Malaysia, Mexico, and China.


Once you get the best sound device you can optimize a lot of experiences. In fact, in a very short time, you will notice that it is one of the most versatile tools to enjoy. So to get the best option, you need to pay attention to the features we have analyzed.

You could use the same Bluetooth speakerphone for a party, for a walk, to go to the beach, or to travel by boat. In other words, the possibilities are more than wide when you have the best Bluetooth speaker in 2021.

Also, selecting the best options will prevent you from spending too much time researching other brands of questionable quality. So, in a few steps, you will be enjoying a more pleasant everyday life.

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